1. Jess [Demo]
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Jess [Demo]

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cosmic hair and a plasma dress
superpowers, nothing less
she's a goddess and I'm a mess
I'm not worthy, I confess

Oh, Jess

steel bends and concrete sighs
grown men weep when she walks by
I'm doing back flips to catch her eye
if I don't hold her soon I'm gonna die

Oh, Jess

and when she speaks my insides melt
all these feelings I've never felt
things unlock, unknot, untwist
I simply gotta get more of this, but

I'm running out of things to try
if I don't kiss her soon I'm gonna die

Oh, Jess

there's no relief and there's no rest
this love's a torture, this love's a test
here she comes, so what's your guess
is it a pity or am I blessed?

Oh, Jess